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About Creston Valley Computer Services

Creston Valley Computer Services Ltd. (CVCS) was established in August 2005. The principals of CVCS have been actively involved in the computer industry since the late 1970's.  Our coastal based computer service company was established in 1987 and continued operations until the fall of 2005. At this time we relocated to the Creston Valley.

The "big city" attitudes don't truly work in the big city, they certainly won't work in the Creston Valley. Everything does not revolve around money, despite what we may be told and led to believe. Our business on the coast was built by word of mouth. We intend to build CVCS the same way.

The people in and around the Creston Valley are among the most caring  neighbourly people anywhere. These qualities are demonstrated every day. You are there to help each other. Not just for "big" things, but for the everyday little things as well. CVCS will earn your trust, upholding and honouring those values cherished within the Creston Valley.

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