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Creston Valley Computer Services Mission Statement

To provide quality computer service and support at a fair price, while maintaining high ethical and moral standards.

To share knowledge and expertise benefiting everyone.

For more than a quarter century we have seen many individuals and companies move into the service and support area for computer technology. This is a direct result of the retail model of selling hardware and software being extremely competitive with resulting lower profitability. This does not always work out so well for the client though. Claiming to be an expert does not make it so. Finding good value in computer support is a challenge, we know this. Unfortunately we do not have a easy answer to this problem of finding competent, qualified computer support. To claim otherwise would be biased and obviously slanted to help us, not you.

CVCS does sell hardware and/or software to those requesting this service, when it is appropriate. “Sales” of hardware or software is not our primary business focus. Many of the vendor companies we deal with have a problem with our business model. It doesn’t fit with their idea of how we should be "successful". Fortunately, that is our problem, not yours.

Our service based focus has, and continues, to cause some difficulty in the short term, especially with some industry vendors. We believe this can lead to the discovery of the silver lining inside what can be an otherwise dark and foreboding cloud. Our clients appreciate our focus on providing legitimate and timely service maintaining and/or repairing their computer systems. Ultimately people understand, and appreciate receiving good value services.

We have seen it has become increasingly more difficult to operate a business while maintaining ethical and moral standards. It is definitely a "dog eat dog" business world out there. Actually it has always been so, but now the difference is the civilized veneer, which distorted the often ugly realities of business operations, has been eroded and often erased. Too many companies pretend to provide "quality customer service" except now there frequently appears to be no effort to actually do so.

There is no such thing as "free". There is always a cost for whatever service or product you are receiving. You just aren't informed up front what the costs truly are. It has been said "If you are not paying for the product, you are the product being sold." Given the legitimate concerns of privacy and protecting your personal information, please think about this before accepting that "free" offer. Ask questions, read the contract.

One of the most common myths: "The customer is always right."  If this were completely true, why would the customer ever need someone for their computer support? A more accurate statement would be "Without the customer I won't be able to feed myself and my family, providing shelter and clothing." An entirely different outlook. This leads many to try to be all things to all people and thinking they can keep everybody happy. Not possible.

Instead, we concentrate on keeping those we can satisfied and happy. We won't waste your time pretending to do what we are not able. Instead we work at providing the best possible solutions to your concerns and problems. Instead of promising the impossible, we work at making things work with the technology that exists, and is proven to meet your demanding yet reasonable expectations.

In the past few years there is a trend towards making things increasingly complex. Whether talking about the hardware or software this leads to less stable and reliable technology "solutions". How many times do we roll our eyes in disbelief whenever a "new and improved" product or service is announced? The talking heads have eroded, and in too many cases, completely lost any sense of credibility and trust. Continually repeating a message does not make it legitimate and true.

Over the years we have "lost" many "opportunities", yet our customers tend to be long term, comfortable and return to us when they need our assistance. What more can anyone do?

Trust is earned. It is not given, and is certainly never taken. CVCS will work diligently to earn your trust over time. Ask questions, we will always do our best to answer your questions and concerns in language and terms you understand. "Technese" or goobledygook serves no one well.

We continue to assist people at no, or minimal charge, when providing answers to simple, single issue questions (simple to us mind you). When a problem represents complex, multiple or layered issues, then it is best to suggest obtaining the necessary technical help, or hire us for services. If we are unable to assist (and this does happen, we do not know everything) we will assist in locating someone that can help you address your concerns and issues. Giving simplistic answers to complex questions helps nobody, only prolongs the agony and suffering you may be going through when dealing with your, shall we say, "uncooperative" computer.

The future lies in education. CVCS fully supports the use of internet based technical forums. We have benefited from the use of these forums over the years. These forums are a pure representation of the open source concept. Hundreds of thousands, heck, millions of people, exchanging and sharing knowledge, to further the goals and aspirations of everyone, is progressive and good. In spite of what some would have you believe.

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