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A new technique has been identified for those "weasels" attempting to defraud you of your money and time.  It has been widely reported that now instead of claiming they are from "Microsoft" or "Windows" and offering to fix your computer, they now refer you to a "trusted Microsoft partner".  You are requested to telephone the number provided where you will be "helped". Frequently the "trusted Microsoft partner"  will have the phrase "Tech Support" in the name you have been given.

Nothing has changed, except now you are initiating the telephone call where the "support" or "repair" services are "offered". The distinction is important. When you try to get the fraudulent charges reversed from your credit card, all of a sudden the onus is placed upon you to prove it is in fact a fraudulent charge, since you are the one who initiated the call resulting in the credit card charges.

You will be told by your credit card company to contact the company making the charge to resolve the dispute. This will not work, the phone number provided will only leave you trying to find somebody to "fix" the problem they created. You will not be successful. As soon as the conversation is not going the way the weasels like, they hang up.

You will never be given a legitimate mailing address or contact information. They will even ask you for your credit card information again, there will be new charges applied to your credit card if you provide the information. Emails sent to them requesting a reversal of credit card charges will be ignored. Calling your credit card company back will lead to even more frustration as all kinds of excuses as to why they can not reverse the charge will be given you. Your only protection, a hard copy letter to the credit card company disputing the charge, or charges, and detailing your efforts to contact the company in question. Even this is not guaranteed to work. Somehow the weasels have been promoted to "good guys". How are you liking the way computer technology is "protecting" you?

In British Columbia the consumer protection laws allowing for a "cooling off" period do not apply to a consumer initiated transaction, even though no contract has ever been signed. The rules are likely similar in other provinces and states.

CVCS offers remote computer support using the GoToAssist service provided by Citrix, a well known and respected network technology company. Remote support is available through a wide variety of different services and software. In the past CVCS has used, in very limited instances, other software to provide remote computer support via the internet or direct dial telephone connections. To learn more about GoToAssist download the security white paper provided by GoToAssist:

GoToAssist Security White Paper

After reading the above linked security white paper, if you are interested in remote support, contact CVCS to discuss your available options. Our intent is to educate and protect our clients so as to protect their interests. By doing so we also promote our own interests, a "win-win" situation for everyone.

In our opinion maintaining the integrity and security of a clients computer and important documents, pictures, media files, etc. is the highest and most important priority. Before the general availability of high speed internet remote computer support was not generally cost effective and subjected client systems to unreasonable risks to security and information integrity. GoToAssist provides safeguards to any client choosing to have CVCS maintain and repair their computer systems remotely. The client remains in full control and can stop any remote access to their computer at any time, for any reason. CVCS does not have any ability to access your computer without your express authorization. If, after authorization has been granted, you can stop and end any remote access easily and without any problems. Not all remote access programs offer this level of security for the end user, you.

CVCS recommends you research remote computer support to decide if this option is viable for you. There are many factors which legitimately influence any decision on whether or not to use a remote support solution, whether offered by CVCS or any other firm.

Babble, babble, babble, you wonder what is the fuss about? You just want your computer to work. Unfortunately there are many criminals and black hat hackers eagerly wanting access to your computer for many different reasons. None of them beneficial to you in spite of what you are told.

There are some hard and fast rules, best practices if you will, concerning remote computer support.

1 – Never allow any remote support to your computer unless you are the person initiating the session. There is a lot of confusion on this point. No reputable company will ever call you to initiate a remote computer support session. Many of the frauds attempted, and sometimes successful through remote computer support, claim they are representing Microsoft in a number of different ways. All untrue. Check this information provided by the "real" Microsoft corporation:

Microsoft Security – Avoid Phone Scams

There are many other attempts by criminals to gain access to your computer. It is a simple matter to identify your ISP through your IP address. Often criminals claiming to be from an ISP, e.g. Telus or Shaw, will contact you and tell you your computer must be fixed due to a problem identified as coming from your computer. Coincidentally they will also offer to fix your computer for you for the low, low price of $29.95 (the most common price for their "services"). Just follow their instructions and everything will be fine. Not for you however.

These criminals are very skilled at convincing people to follow the instructions. No ISP will ever call you and claim your computer is creating problems on the internet. If your computer is actually infected and causing the problems alleged, ISP's just shut down your internet connection and wait for your phone call complaining about the internet not working. At this point you will be advised as to why your internet connection has been suspended or terminated. They will not fix the problem for you, this is not their business. For an ISP to suspend or terminate a customers internet connection for "infection" reasons is actually quite rare.

2 – Only allow remote access to your computer by a company or individual you have established trust and have confidence in.

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